About us

Harvard Academy is an English medium school situated in the heart of Pokhara and which always seeks for the student's academic excellence. When the school first opened (in 01-11-2061 BS/12-02-2005), we started with classes from nursery to grade four with few number of students. In the beginning, in order to develop the overall infrastructure, arrange trained and qualified teachers, management of resources is really a difficult task. But now, everything is set, is going smoothly in order. From the beginning we have been trying to give quality education at affordable fees with all the facilities that are needed for the students in order to produce good student.

Being successful by providing a good service for money, we quickly added more year groups to fulfill the demand. Our school keeps on growing and finally we are a secondary level school with 380 plus students , 30 teaching and non teaching staff . We have got 4 educational buildings along with 33 rooms, from where 16 are classrooms, 1 Library room, 1 Computer lab, 1 Science lab, 1 TV room and 2 kitchens. For the extracurricular activities, a big playground for football, volleyball court, TT Board, basketball court and a big assembly ground is there. At Harvard Academy we believe in competence and we apply new teaching methodologies and strategies to help our students perform at their best. We provide our students with a diverse and creative curriculum which will help them to develop their confidence and to play a full part in their local, wider and global communities.

For the overall development of the students, we have been continuously giving many types of extra and co-curricular activities to our students. These includes; dance, music, art & craft, singing, sports, group work, field visit, indoor and outdoor sports, various children clubs like; gardening, Chunumunu, red cross, Scout, social club, environment club and student council. Through the various clubs, students are getting opportunities to meet minimum requirements for their personal development. We regularly have excursion to various places and have many competition.

After being a member of GSP (Global School Partnership) and now Connecting Classrom, our school has tremendously increased the speed of progress. By the help of project works, group works, sharing & exchanging of things within the school and with the partner school helps to broaden our students mind and horizon of knowledge. We have been continuously communicating with our partner school around the world; in UK, India, Ghana and sharing and exchanging our student's works so that they can know what is going on around the world, the teaching and learning process, the similarities and dissimilarities between them etc. By the partnership, our students developed various types of skills like research skills, to work in a team, to discuss the matter, to ask without hesitation and to help each other. They don't about themselves; they also think about their friend and care about them.

By the partnership and project work, I myself also used to think that it might kill the students precious time, may hamper in their studies, might be difficult to finish the prescribed syllabus, may get complain from the parents and teachers. But all proved to be wrong. Instead of complain, we are getting appreciation. About the syllabus, as we have covered all the main topics in various subjects, have incorporated the project title with the course content, it is being helpful for the teachers and students. It is giving the opportunity to do practical work. They have been getting opportunity to visit new place, to do practical works, to use library and Internet frequently. The biggest achievement for me in my personal opinion is that, my students develop the rules and regulations for themselves. They have prepared the rules for their own betterment purpose. In order to minimize punishment and make the rules effective, the rules prepared by the students is being effective and helping them to motivate.

We have already produced 5 batches of SLC (School Leaving Certificates) who had a 100% result in SLC and desperately looking forward for the result of SLC 6th batch of Harvard Academy. SLC passout of Harvard are having good result in their further studies in various academic institutions. In the future also, we will always be looking forward to give as much as we can to our students in order to produce a global citizen.

Thank you.