Celebrating World Health Day

7th April, 2014: Harvard Academy has celebrated World Health Day with the initiation of Student Council of Harvard academy together with all the Harvard Family and active participation of community people. Student Council of Harvard Academy is successful in receiving a grant of 200 pound (NRs. 33000). There were many choices for student council to utilize the money but they want to do something for their community, to show their responsibility and to make their community pollution free. It is really an example for others; community people as well as other school to show that yes, if students have got strong determination and willing power, they can do anything. This success gives them inspiration that they are ready to do similar program in the future and school is always ready to help them. School, not only the education from book and curriculum, need to be able to teach them knowledge about their responsibility, their duty and love care about the nature and community. We need to teach them how our carelessness could lead to the destruction and it not only affects us but it could invite critical problem for the future generation. It is also proved that our simple effort could give a milestone in the progress of nation.

I really feel proud of my students that they have already started thinking about their responsibility. They have already helped our local partner schools, their friends, blind people. Our student council have got their own fund which they utilize for good cause.

I am with them and if they need any help in the future, I am always with them.

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