"Full International School Award 2012-2015 awarded school"
Principa/Headteacher: Dipendra K.C.

Words From the Principal

May I take an opportunity to introduce our school, Harvard Academy to you all, which is successful in getting prestigious Full International School Award for 2012-2015. The award is in recognition of a range of international work around the school helping students to learn about the wider world and appreciate different cultures. We are delighted to be able to offer so many international links to our school and the wider community. A huge thank you to all the students, teachers and parents at our school as well as all our partner schools team who support us. We also created links with schools in United Kingdom, India, South Korea, Turkey, Austria and Ghana as part of the Connecting Classrooms Project with Goldwyn Community Special School, UK. Thank you.


As with our school motto, our mission is to
'Bring Out The Best In You'
by providing quality education programmes in a
very caring school environment.
Open to all, Harvard Academy aims
for all students who walk through its doors
to achieve academic, personal and social growth
to their maximum potential.

(Harvard Academy is a happy place to learn. Mutual respect is at the heart of our ethos as a school, and relationships between staff and students reflect this.

Harvard Academy is a school in which all students are considered to be of equal worth and deserve to be provided with the diverse range of opportunities we can offer to ensure success which will allow them to reach their full potential.)


We have 4 buildings and 33 Educational rooms some of which are 16 classrooms, 1 Library room, 1 Computer lab and 1 Science lab.

During the examination period, we make special grouping arrangements where two students of the same class cannot sit together.


For all of our students, their time spent at Harvard academy is a time of developing their overall personality, their independence and self-reliance. It is a time when individual strengths are developed and new skills discovered in order to help them become well cultured citizens, ready to raise to the many challenges of the 21st century. There is much to look forward to. Our commitment is to support our students :
• To develop their creative skills
• To develop their outgoingness skills
• To develop their social or supportive skills
• To develop their citizenship skills, vocational and practical life skills,
• To develop their academic skills
• To create global citizen

We follow the holistic approach, to increase their spiritual, mental and physical growth in a balance order. At Harvard Academy, we aim to provide quality education to our students at an affordable fee. In this growing numbers of private-run schools with growing fees, it can be quite difficult for families to send their children to school. As a result, our goal is to be affordable to all social class by creating an environment in which economic condition is matched well. Harvard Academy is an English medium school situated in the heart of Pokhara and which seeks academic excellence. When the school first opened, we started with classes from nursery to grade four. Being successful by providing a good service for affordable fees, we quickly added more year groups to fulfil the demand. Our school keeps on growing and we are now looking at teaching year 10+2 classes in the new academic year and making it a success. At Harvard Academy we believe in competence and we apply new teaching methodologies and strategies to help our students perform at their best. We provide our students with a diverse and creative curriculum which will help them to develop their confidence and to play a full part in their local, wider and global communities. As a result of hard work, dedication, enthusiasm of all the students and teachers, we are successful in getting full ISA. It proves that our school meets the International standard of teaching and learning process.