RJ (Radio Jokey)

20 June 2012

First of all, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to our principal sir for arranging RJ class. The class so good, the trainers and the trainee, the combination was fabulous. There were two tutors; Uttam sir and Suraj sir, both from Sunaulo FM. The way they teach us, their friendly behaviour, makes us open, to express our feelings, to do our act and to share our experiences with teachers and friends. We really feel proud to be a part of Harvard family for such an wonderful moment.

The training was for 13 days and within this time, we learn so many things like; how to run FM program, how to catch mic, how to give speech, how to conduct the assembly and so many things. The main objectives behind this training was to remove our hesitation, remove our shyness. Every day, every one of us, need to bring 1-1 creations (story/jokes/speech/program) and tell it infront of all the friends and teachers. They give us so many tips and tricks. They also taught us, how to walk in cat-walk.

We concluded this RJ training program with a farewell program, where we invited both teachers; we show them dance, story, jokes, a sample program in RJ, do cat-walk and many more. We have done all these things infront of all our teachers and friends. There was lots of hooting, whistle, clapping for our support. It seems that they all enjoyed our program very much. We all got training certificate. At the last, we all did a group dance, have meal and conclude our program.

In conclusion, the program was indeed good, we have learnt so many things, the most important part of this training is; now our hesitation is removed, we don't feel awkward or feel shy, standing in front of a big mass and to say something. This is the most important achievement we got.


Ashok K.C. and his friends

RJ training group